David Durango / Borora ep. MSCN004

by David Durango

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The fourth Mescene release welcomes label co-founder David Durango on an EP. « Borora » evokes lunar exotism, some kind of lucid dreaming of tropical aurora borealis. A night's chill after the sweltering heat of day, a star-studded phantasm, the disturbing feeling of being a grain of sand.
The EP speaks of its author's personal spiritual quest, of the struggle between day and night, warm and cold, light and dark. These contrasts which are recurring elements in Durango's music determine its tone and its texture.
Strange Coconut, whose powerful syncopated rhythms are essentially percussive, opposes the warmth of skin and wood with metallic reverberations, ample and aerial sequences. A dark and light flirt, like two opposite sides eventually meeting at dawn.
Agoni features subtle timbres, sensitive and complex playfulness of rhythm. Never succumbing to a domination of the kick drum, rhythms keep evolving under flamboyant northern lights until the very end. A break completes the scenery by adding coloured swirls and nocturnal depth. Strange Coconut comes in company of a virtuous rework by Earthtone, a deep- house candy spiced with brilliantly chosen vocals.
Agoni has been confided to Sebastian Russel's expert hands and returned with jabbing meditative chords, underlining the tension of its progressive structure.
This release is the result of clear and perspicuous choices, of mutual musical respect. We've been pleasantly surprised by the intelligence of both the Earthtone and Russel versions; the project would not have been the same without them. Mescene magic is happening once again. Can you feel it?


released August 12, 2010

All original tracks written and produced by David Durango
Additional remix written and produced by Sebastian Russell, Eartone



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