Sebastian Russell / Star Cluster ep. MSCN006

by Sebastian Russell

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For this fall’s release, we decided to come out with a bang : we’ve gathered top-notch artists with very specific musical personalities around an excellent project, ingeniously elaborated by Sebastian Russell. To begin with, the title track « Star Cluster » lifts us up with its metallic accents and fantastic string patterns, inevitably making us want to raise our heads towards the sky. « Hurt People, Hurt People » sounds like we’re looking in the opposite direction, down to earth, observing social interaction. Crowd movements, city pulsations, an illustration of urban life from bird’s perspective. « Passing through your soul » is questionning, in a dialogue-like form. Its infatuating hook seems to ask the questions of the who and the why. Intimate and obsessing.Finally, « Distrortion of senses » entirely turns us upside down, an electronic anguish, an electric shiver, a dark and possessive track, the trigger of the story.We have here all the ingredients for the creation of a story : an ethereal trailer that finally dives into an urban setting, the first palpitations at the introduction of the main caracter and the trouble-causing element, precisely defining the moment where you, dear listeners, will take control and make it your story. Add to this the individual perspectives of different masters of sound, giving this initial framework its body, depth and diversity. This release features reworks by nobody less than Alexander Kowalski, Opuswerk and Javier Orduña.As Kowalski’s « Jupiter8 » - Remix on Star Cluster concludes the intergalactic ride with its atmospheric Nu Disco sound, terrestrial grounds definitively get out of sight.Opuswerk delivers an « Atomic Soap Opera version » making you picture yourself piloting Appollo X ; A Detroit style vintage mix. In order to finish with decent comfort, Javier Orduña’s getting sensual. Shivers of anguish are replaced by strange fleshly languors, very subtle work, a finely tuned alchemy. You’ve got it, this cluster of stars contains some real supernovas, and we’re happy to share them with you.Musically yours,


released September 19, 2011

written and produced by Sebastian Russell
additional remix written and produced by Alexander Kowalski, Opuswerk, Javier Orduna



all rights reserved